Welcome to Karratha Anglican Community Church!  We’re a family of believers from all sorts of backgrounds gathered around the Lord Jesus Christ.  We meet at 9am on Sundays at 2 Samson Way Bulgarra, and everyone is welcome; adults, kids, believers and doubters alike.

On Sunday we sing God’s praises and pray our concerns to him.  Most importantly we open the Bible to deepen our understanding of the God who has sent His Son to die for us while we were still sinners, gathering us into his loving arms.  Kids church runs during term, and most weeks we get our silly on to dance and sing with the kids too.

If Bible study is more your thing, we meet on Tuesdays.  Food is served at 6:30 and we get into the word at 7:30.  Please feel free to come along, 2 Samson Way Bulgarra.  


We are part of the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia and are supported by The Bush Church Aid Society.

our staff

Frank and Jo have recently returned to Karratha to work alongside the faithful group of Christians at Karratha Anglican Community Church.  Frank and Jo love Jesus and are ever thankful for his work on the cross drawing us into the family of God.  They look forward to sharing family life around Jesus with the Christians of Karratha and growing the family as the gospel is proclaimed. 

Frank and Jo enjoy sharing the dinner table with all who will come and eat with them.  They particularly like spicy food, and cook it more now that the kids are getting older.  Since moving back to Karratha Frank is enjoying reconnecting with his favourite barra fishing spots.  I am sure if you ask him, he will be pleased to take you.  Jo spends a lot of time chasing the kids, but if there are ladies out their keen for a coffee, she will quickly drop the kids with Frank and meet you for a coffee at your favourite spot.  Obviously Frank and Jo come with a few kids.  Be careful of them, one of their favourite hobbies is reading the bible with the adults at dinner and then asking the visitors hard questions.  If they catch you out I suggest saying “pass”.

find us

Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Address: 2 Samson Way Bulgarra WA 6714.

Phone: (08) 9144 2594. or 0427 608 465
Email: church@kacc.org.au

Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/KarrathaChurch

Sunday Morning Church 9am – A modern Anglican service with faithful, powerful preaching and a range of contemport and classic Christian music.  Kids church during term.

Parking? There is plenty of space for parking on the church property.

Where exactly? The Karratha Anglican Church and Rectory are on the corner of Lockyer St and 2 Samson Way in Bulgarra.


Our Church is generously supported by people both near and far.  We are thankful for the regular giving of our local members and the support of the Anglican Diocese of North West Australia and The Bush Church Aid Society.  If you would like to support our church financially please use the details below:

Acc: 300042930
Name:  Anglican Parish of Karratha


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Isaiah 2:1-5


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2 Corinthians 8 1-9


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