our staff

Frank and Jo have recently returned to Karratha to work alongside the faithful group of Christians at Karratha Anglican Community Church.  Frank and Jo love Jesus and are ever thankful for his work on the cross drawing us into the family of God.  They look forward to sharing family life around Jesus with the Christians of Karratha and growing the family as the gospel is proclaimed. 

Frank and Jo enjoy sharing the dinner table with all who will come and eat with them.  They particularly like spicy food, and cook it more now that the kids are getting older.  Since moving back to Karratha Frank is enjoying reconnecting with his favourite barra fishing spots.  I am sure if you ask him, he will be pleased to take you.  Jo spends a lot of time chasing the kids, but if there are ladies out their keen for a coffee, she will quickly drop the kids with Frank and meet you for a coffee at your favourite spot.  Obviously Frank and Jo come with a few kids.  Be careful of them, one of their favourite hobbies is reading the bible with the adults at dinner and then asking the visitors hard questions.  If they catch you out I suggest saying “pass”.